Friday, 14 March 2014

10 Things you need to ask a Wedding DJ

When looking for a wedding DJ you need to decide first and foremost what kind of wedding you want. Is it going to be like any other wedding? Or do you want your wedding to be exciting, fun and full of surprises?

While you think about that, here are some important questions to ask your potential wedding DJ:

1.      Are you available to DJ my wedding?
It is important that the dj is available for your wedding day. Some DJ companies will have disc jockeys available for multiple bookings, but if they are not available a good dj will recommend someone else for your wedding.

2.      Do you have a contract?
All the professionals have a written contract; this protects you and the DJ Company. It ensures they show up on your wedding day and perform all stipulations agreed within the written contract.

3.      Can we meet before we sign a contract?
 Meeting in person is very important, most DJ’s will be happy to meet with you.  It is important that you like your DJ as you may need to correspond frequently about your wedding.

"Because you don't want this guy"
4.      Who will actually be our disc jockey for our event?
The BIG companies have a bunch of DJs, it’s best to meet with who is doing your event before you sign.


      5.      Do you have a playlist and will you work with my playlist?
Most DJ’s have a playlist but they can create a custom one based on the couples likes, dislikes, and suggestions from their family and friends. Wedding Disc Jockeys won’t have much of an issue with the majority of your songs, but the DJ should always go through their list and they may note some songs that may not get people dancing. (But the Final decision should always yours)

6.      Do you take requests during the wedding?
 Wedding DJs love requests, a good DJ has the ability to decide if a request will keep people dancing or kill the dance floor. But remember there are a lot of good songs in the world, and not enough time to play them all ;)

7.      Do you have backup equipment? 
Wedding DJ’s need to have backup equipment: i.e backup computers and backup sound equipment

"Lighting can add an elegant look to any wedding"
      8.      Do you have up lights that will go with our wedding color scheme?
Most companies have a variety of colors for their up lights and won’t have any trouble matching your color scheme.

  9.      Do you offer MC Services?
It is a standard option for most wedding disc jockeys that they offer this service. However, not all DJ’s are comfortable in the role of master of ceremony and it is important to confirm if the service is available.

10.   Have you helped in the planning of anything “out of the ordinary” at a wedding?
If your wedding DJ seems excited about this question being asked, then odds are they have done something a little extra for brides and grooms in the past and it was a lot of fun (i.e. A flash mob, choreographed dance or a surprise song sung for the bride/groom.)

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